Endurance Training: Mondays at 6PM
CrossFit Murfreesboro Endurance classes will primarily focus on the 30 Min Plus time domain met-cons as well as mobility concerns common among the endurance community. Coach: Brad White
Gymnastics: Clinics offered monthly
CFM’s Gymnastics Specialty class is a 2 hour class (typically Saturdays at 11am) dedicated to body movement and body control through space. They are available to members for $20 and non members for $30. You will be working on flexibility, strength, and proper technique for gymnastics movements common in Crossfit such as handstands, pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, rope climbs, balance and agility, along with core strength and muscle stamina. Call or check social media for upcoming dates. Coach: Haven Poore
Weightlifting: Wednesdays at 6PM & Saturdays 8:30AM.
Coach: Leslie Marshall
Mobility : Thursdays at 6PM (NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED)
All ability levels welcome.
Team Sessions
Team sessions will be limited to 1 hour per session with a twice/week minimum (3 sessions per week is optimal during an off season).  Resistance training, plyometrics, anaerobic conditioning and mobility will be featured in each session through the use of elements of gymnastics, weightlifting (power  and olympic) Yoga and calisthenics.  Team Rates are $100 / session (as a team) for up to 20 athletes per session. If you are interested call Evan Satterfield at (615) 904-5683 to discuss the specific needs and goals for your athletes. There are limited time slots for this program, so don’t wait!
Moving Masters: MWF 9:30AM
Try our CrossFit class, primarily geared toward older adults interested in maintaining or improving strength, balance, coordination and mobility. Receive additional help in learning and scaling movements to your particular mobility, injury or illness issues. We directly correlate any movements in the gym with daily activities outside of the gym. Class focuses on warm-ups and cool-downs, in addition to Workouts of the Day (WODs).

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