1. Muscle Up Practice:

Build on Last Week
Pick appropriate level

A: 5×2-3 MU
 Focus on long body in the kip swing and maintaining hollow in multiple reps

B: 5 Sets: 2 Kip swing + 1 Hips to rings
 then 5 MU attempts

C. 5 Sets: 2 chest to bar pull-up, 3 (Banded or unbanded) ring dips, 3 MU transitions beginning on knees or toes.
2. 3 Rounds:

50 D.U.

10 stone/sandbag cleans
*carry stone or bag down and back after each round (short way)

L2: 30 D.U., lighter stone

L1: 1:00 D.U. attempts, 2-handed KB cleans to shoulder, KB baby carry
1. Sumo DL
2. Row 1K