Due to an issue with Crossfit Games website, scores won’t be due until tomorrow. As such, we won’t be able to tally the in-house competition until all of the scores from around the world are in. Our scoring system is going to be based on where you finish in your division in the region! Stay tuned. Great work on 17.1 and thank you for submitting your scores on time!!

1. Skill: Muscle Ups:
Spend 10 minutes working on
Strict Chest to Ring PU, Banded MU transitions, Ring Dips, etc.
3×3 MU
L2: 3×2 or 1 MU
L1: 3×3 Strict PU

2. 7 Rounds on the 3:00
Run 400 m
*Score is slowest round
L2: 6 TTB or K2C
L1: Any variation of TTB/run where round 1 is less than 2:30.