The Open is NEXT WEEK!! If you’ve been procrastinating singing up, do it now! The coaches are meeting to divide up teams for the “in house throw down” on Monday!

Finally, get to know Coach Suzie Pettey:

What’s your “day job?”
I am a student at MTSU and I coach at CFM!

How long have you been crossfitting?
This up coming May will mark my 8 year anniversary for when I started crossfitting!

What’s your favorite benchmark?
that’s surprisingly a hard question… probably Grace (30 clean and jerks for time)

What’s your most meaningful PR?
My 180# high hang squat snatch

What’s your favorite WOD music?
I don’t actually have favorite Wod music. Really anything loud enough to drown out the sound of my own breathing

9:00 am Members Only Olympic Lifting Technique Hour
10:00 am Open House WOD