Meet Jamie Free

What’s your “Day Job?”
Owner of Two-Seven Health and Wellness – Athlete Performance and Nutrition

How long have your been CrossFitting?
4.5 Years – L1 for 4, L2 for 2

What’s your favorite benchmark?

What your most meaningful PR?
265 Snatch. I was once told by a coach I would never get higher than 245. I like to prove people wrong

What’s your favorite WOD music?
Tupac, Ice Cube (90’s rap) or Rock/Metal. I do not hear anything once workout starts

Anything else you’d like to say about CFM or joining the team?
I am excited to be at CFM and to be a part of this team and community. I know some of you but am looking forward to meeting everyone!

1. Power Clean and Jerk
2 @ 60%
2 @ 65%
2 @ 70%
2. For Time:
50 Clean and Jerks 135/95
*EMOM 6 TTB (including minute 0:00)
L2: 40 Clean and Jerks, 4 TTB or Knees to Chest
L1: 30 Clean and Jerks, 5 sit ups

1. Pull-ups
5×5 Strict pull-ups
5×5 Pull-up or Ring Row negatives
2. 12-9-6
Wall Ball
Ball Slam
Russian Twist